The built-in converter developed by JP de Jong Parts.


First of all I have a few questions for you. What is the exact type number of your machine? What is the year of construction? Model number is at the bottom of the base. We can only convert the types with tilting head 5KSM125-195, KSM90, K45 and the 5KPM5 models with our built-in converter.

The American models often do not have 5 before the model number. We do not leave this to the customers themselves because another triac must also be soldered on the PCB. Installing the print is only possible with machines that have carbon brushes that are visible on both sides.

The costs are only for installation with shipping to you are € 140.00 total in the Netherlands. Higher shipping costs apply for abroad. To the EU € 40.00, For the rest of the world € 100.00.

If you have more questions about our converter, we would like to hear from you.


Transformer / converter ,


A lot is written about it on various forums and we are often asked about it, which is why we want to clarify how you can connect your Kitchenaid or other device that needs 110-115 Volt to the socket here in the Netherlands. To make it work like in the USA. 


Short explanation below about how and what, 


There are standard so-called moving transformers with a real transformer in the trade and electronic transformers that are sold as moving transformers. 


The advantages of moving transformers with a real transformer inside are that they always provide the correct output voltage to your device. 

The disadvantages are the high weight and the space they occupy. 


There are also electronic transformers that do not contain a transformer but an electronic circuit. We will not go into more detail about the shape of the electronic circuit because this is a complex matter. 


The advantages are that they take up little space and are lightweight.

However, the disadvantages are greater than you initially think. there are models and brands on the market that automatically switch to the so called correct voltage. Often they respond too late, causing your device to fail. The electronics are then destroyed because protections, capacitors, resistors, etc. burn out.


They also sometimes cause a lot of interference on the mains so that, for example, a high interference can be heard on the short wave band. This disrupts emergency services, police, fire brigade and aircraft traffic. 


The Lian Long moving transformer of 1000 watts that we now offer is one with a real transformer, so with the disadvantages and more importantly the advantages. Equipped with all inspections such as a CE inspection. At the bottom of this page you will find the original users guide and the declaration of conformity regarding the CE mark.


It can be used in the Netherlands, but by switching the switch on the back and with the correct adapter plugs also in the USA. Suitable for operating devices that are standard 110-115 volts in the Netherlands at 230-240 volts, but also the other way around, so for a device that is 230-240 volts to work in the USA on 110-115 volts. For more information see the PDF of our supplier on.

Transformer / convertor

See the text above fore more information. When you have questions please contact us.

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