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Since Russia went to war with Ukraine, there has been a growing shortage of truck drivers and high fuel prices in Europe and the rest of the world. As a result, deliveries may take longer.
Within the Netherlands this can be 1 week, Europe 3 weeks, Asia, Africa, North and South America sometimes up to 8 weeks. Please keep this in mind before ordering. If you really need it fast, we can also ship by express. There are additional costs involved.


Superdoughhook is the address for your ideal dough hook! We make high-quality dough hooks for various brands of kitchen machines.


Thanks to the special spiral shape, our hooks knead many times better than the standard dough hooks. The dough does not "climb" up like a standard dough hook but stays nicely in the bottom of the bowl so that the dough is kneaded optimally.


Take a look at the right side of this page for different dough hooks in operation on different machines. Also here is the comparison test of the original Kitchenaid dough hook and our Superdoughhook JP12 dough hook. 


Our dough hooks are made of high-quality materials and suitable for most famous brands. Please contact us for advice or questions.

Sinds 1989


Our company was founded in 1989 and since then we have been producing parts and electronics for all kinds of machines. Mostly nut crushers ,

Heating systems, 

pumping systems, 

filling machines. was founded by Jan de Jong. Since 2010 Jan has been making various high-quality spiral kneading hooks.


Jan also repairs and overhauls kitchen machines such as Kitchenaid, Kenwood, Bear and Hobart.

Supported models


We make spiral dough hooks for ao:

Kitchenaid / Kenwood / AEG KM4000 / Sunbeam MX / Espressions of Australia / Solis Kitchen Queen Pro / Hobart / Smeg SMF01 / Magnani / Tefal / Wartmann / Domo. Take a look in our webshop for all available spiral dough hooks, Beaters, Pastry Knives!

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