If you have a defect Kitchenaid or Hobart, please contact us by telephone or with the  form below on this page.

Of course, the repair price depends on what is wrong with your machine. We have no research costs. The costs for repair are the labor hours worked and the materials used. The defective materials of your machine that we replace always come with the machine so that you can see where and what is defective, and where it went wrong. 

Please fill in so complete as possible. We can give you than a better estimate of the costs. Mostly the price of repair are between the €80,00 and € 250,00.



     Fill in the form below and send it to us together with your machine.

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3400025 Kitchenaid screw

replacement part for the screw 3400025. This is not the original screw.  The costs for the original is very high. That is why  we have made this screw in the Netherlands.

€ 2,00

  • 0,01 kg
  • Available
  • deliverytime: 3-5 dagen