Refurbished Kitchenaid Artisan

Refurbished Kitchenaid Artisan

Since a couple of years, we are also repairing  Kitchenaid machinery. Through the years we got questions from our customers about refurbishing kitchen robots like Kitchenaid and Hobart. This is what we also do.

Two years ago we started to sell refurbished Kitchenaid Artisans. We have many different colors in stock.


If you would like to buy a refurbished Kitchenaid Artisan with two years warranty, please contact us and let us know what color preference you have and we can check if we have that in stock. It varies by the day depending on the sales of these perfect machines. We can also refurbish your Kitchenaid if you would like that. E.g. because your particular machine has an emotional value.

We can also deliver decals for your machine like your company logo or things just for fun like your dog’s name or a cat footprint.

We produce them in our own company to your liking.


The price for a refurbished Kitchenaid Artisan starts at €350.00 with all standard attachments like the bowl, beater, C-hook and whisk.  If you prefer the spiral dough hook JP12  instead with the delivery, we charge you €25.00 for the aluminum/zinc (NOT dishwasher safe!) or €75.00 for the JP12A stainless steel one.